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Q and A

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Q:How long will it take for me and my friends to construct all the flowers designs?
A: It takes about 4 hours for the bride and 5 friends to create the average wedding flowers.

Q:What if after I order my flowers I get scared and don't think I can do it all?
A: There is a designer available the entire time you are designing to answer any design questions or remind you of what you learned in the wedding class.  If you decide you don't want to make the flower designs we have designers that can help for a fee.

Q: When can I make my bouquet?
A: You can make it as early as 3 days before the wedding if you are doing hand tied bouquets.  The bouquet and your other floral designs would stay in the cooler until the big day. Or if you don't want to use the cooler you can make it up the day before. 

Q: What if I can't find someone to help me deliver the flowers?
A: We can deliver the flowers for an additional charge starting at $300.

Q: What if I buy too many flowers?
A:  To get the great prices on the flowers, you will buy in bulk.  Once you place your flower order,  the buyer looks around the world to find and ascertain the blooms.  They were bought just for you and that is how we can offer you such great prices!

Q:What if I have floral experience and don't want to go to the wedding class?
A: No one is required to take the class.  In the class we teach not only how to make bouquets and boutonnieres, but even more important than that is how to process flowers.  If you don't know how to process flowers then you really should take the class.  If you still want to do the flowers on your own, you will be asked to sign a statement that you have knowledge of flower processing and will be liable for the flower's performance.